Personal Development

Initial Contact

Yesterday I had a very productive video call with my tutor. I discussed what I had completed of the course and asked some questions regarding my concerns. My first deadline is now set and I am looking forward to working on it.

One thing my lecturer mentioned is that I can utilise the opportunity of the small projects to really experiment with sound. Write what I like about my composition and what I don’t like about it. He mentioned that if I compose something I don’t like that is okay and that I should say why I don’t like it. Food for thought! maybe I can compose something really quirky?!

I fully understand the need to develop a detailed understanding of rhythm but I do look forward to the further parts in the course where I can experiment with harmonies as well! I find that working with just percussion can be quite limiting but maybe that is more of a reflection of a weaker area of mine and my lack of percussion knowledge!


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