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Believe, Endure, Achieve

So the Christmas dust has settled and everybody’s shared their “New year, New me” sentiments. We have all quickly sunk back in to reality. As I was reading through some of my friends New Years resolutions I thought perhaps I could make one, and so I set about doing just that. It directly affects my university studies and my journey to becoming a published composer. I am 6 years in to my current job and not a day goes by where I am able to convince myself of a positive “can do” attitude at my current job. Not that I let it affect my work performance. I lost that ability well over four years ago. I am in a position to put proceedings in to place in order to progress towards my real passion: Music.

The Journey of 1000 Miles, begins with one step

Lao Tzu

As for my ambitions this year. My indefatigable advance towards being a composer is in its first baby steps. I have devised the first of, what I intend to be, a series of workshops. I am both extremely excited but slightly apprehensive about this workshop. It is the first time I have done anything like this. However I am in great company thanks to the musicians of Wadhurst Brass Band. In these workshops my band will be rehearsing my own scores. A good friend of mine and of the bands, Merlin Beedell, will be recording the concert at the end of the day. The recording will then be sent to every Brass Band publisher that I am aware of. As of yet all I can do is ask the publishers opinions and HOPE that they will give me some productive feedback. I do not anticipate publishing as these are only my very first compositions. That does not mean I am not proud of them.

Drawing up a composition map for “The Olympus Suite”

This years Music programme is as follows:

  • Funk Avenue,
  • Moon Chasers
  • The Olympus Suite

The first workshop is taking place on Saturday 9th February 2019. The workshop starts hopefully at 11am and will run through to 8pm. There will be sectionals until 5:30pm where there will be a full rehearsal. The rehearsal will last until 6:30pm where there will then be half an hour for a quick pint. The performance will commence at 7pm.

The recordings will be available on my YouTube channel in March:


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